Sunday, May 24, 2009

Updates! Updates!

Last week I finally got a chance to go to a CCO! it was marvelous! My bf restrained me and only let me get one eyeshadow though...=/

I got neutral pink, which is a muted pink thats a few shades darker than my skin tone. I loooves it!

It's simple and non-shimmery, just what I'm in the kick for.

I also walked a few doors down to the Fragrance Outlet to look at NYX stuff! =) Sans shipping! It was a happy day!

I got Flamingo and Champagne eyeshadow and barely restrained myself from 2193293 other stuff there too...

(Pictures uploaded later)

Anywhoooo I recently had to buy a new mascara (since I haven't had the chance since before the spring semester started) and I decided to get ALMAYS One Coat thickening mascara after seeing Julieg713's review on it. It's a nice seriously hard to clump mascara! Which makes it LOVE for me! Cuz Mascara is probably my least favorite thing.

I also found that I really like Avons Ultra Color Rich lipsticks, not because they're actually all that "color rich" (in my opinion) but more that they're really smooth and creamy with a sheer to medium coverage with a hint of shimmer. It would beat my Jubilee lustre lipstick except I can't seem to find *my* perfect nude shade in their color palette. But oh well, I walked away with a golden beige and a rosy lipstick.

I believe that's all I've gotten into lately. That is, at least for me. My LOVELY dear friend Alex has FINALLY started to really touch makeup! I used to wear some types of cover up for the occasional acne, and maybe a bit of liner. BUT TODAY! we went into different types of liners, eyeshadows, placement and applications, mascara, blush and bronzer application! I was in a special sort of nirvana opening her to makeup! I even bought her her first starter set of brushes from eco-tools (safe for the environment and the purse!) and gave her tips on application. She walked away a new woman and I'm incredibly proud of her.

On another note, I think that I *may* want to start either doing FotD's or mini tutorials on makeup looks...I think mainly out of boredom, or I might start trying to replicate looks by various makeup guru's to see how far my *skills* (if you can call them that yet) have progressed. But alas, it's getting close to my bed time. I'm leaving home for my apartment in the morning and must needs my beauty sleep!


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