Friday, June 19, 2009

Hung out with a few friends todayyyy

One of whom, I hadn't seen in over four months cuz she was in korea!!! Can you believe it? I asked her if she checked out the makeup and as typical she said she was more interested in the clothes...>.>

Oh I also hung out with another friend and she let me do her makeup! =) Just a darker purple smokey eye with some nude lips and a plummy/pink blush. It was good practice though since she has a crease and I had to figure out how to work with them.

I did green today cuz it FINALLY felt like summer (unofficially) after so many days of gray skies and rain rain rain!

Pardon the weird pose I was trying to show off the corners =/

I also did my nails in a white pearl friend with some simple embellishments. :)

Last thing! Here's a dark blue smokey eye with pale lip I did a couple days ago. I REAALLY liked out it turned out =)

and POSE! ^_^

Night time now!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Licensed to wreck havoc :)

I am now licensed to drive! =)

I was soooo nervous because when I got there, one of the grandfathers (I think) of a girl told me that they had failed everyone before me before even leaving the parking lot! I made a few mistakes which I fixed during the test (like pulling into a parking spot crooked) and the (scary, big, old, black) guy passed me! =)

I couldn't believe it at first! Yay me! I know it's not a huge deal, and the test was easy, but I don't really get that much support or encouragement in my life, especially NOT from my family. The day earlier, my brother told me that I should just reschedule the test because I wasn't fit to drive yet. Anyway, I called my dad and told him I passed and when I came home, he told me that this shouldn't make me excited because "I'm still a very weak driver".

Yes, I'm not experienced, and I make mistakes because I haven't been in EVERY situation on the road. But i'm learning and I'm SUPER careful/paranoid. Sigh. My dad hasn't left the car home since that day. But on to makeup....

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO interested in BB (Blemish Balm) creams right now! I am also soooooooo broke (but that doesn't stop the interest/hunger). I've been watching certain bloggers/yt'ers who use them (like Bubzbeauty and smerfette) and the effect the bb creams have on their face is FLAWLESS. Like korean drama actress flawless!

The only drawback is that I'm south east asian dark. Like NC44, during summer if I don't protect and cover myself religiously, dark. Recently I've been in a kick of trying NOT to tan, because it's not like I'm pale naturally and tanning ISN'T safe anyway. So right now I'm more around NC 30-35ish, and I'm searching for something that'll cover naturally (since I've never gotten into the habit of wearing foundation) and easily, while possibly whitening my skin some.

The Legere looks interesting and apparently it's a bit darker so it might suit my skin tone, but it costs ~$30 dollars and I have to pay the electric bill. =(

I was also interested in the Missha and might get it, but it seems too light.

I'll probably make a detailed list of pros and cons of all the brands I find so I can logically pick the best choice.

So for the past week I've been practicing my smokey eye, and different looks, styles, and techniques. I'll post a few pictures later that I deem worthy (possibly) :)