Thursday, December 24, 2009

No-Poo no Goo?

I've discovered (partially due to a good friend) the magic of Stumble-upon! Especially when I've chosen only "beauty" stumbles. Increasingly, I've come upon sites talking about "no-poo" and "co-washing" which utterly confused and threw me for a loop. No poo? Someone's not doing the Number 2? Bathing with a partner might be beauty beneficial? I was miraculously relieved when I read on and found that "poo" meant Shampoo, and co-washing referred to washing with conditioner.

These no-poo-ers and co-washers are of the believe that use of the harsh detergents (lauryl-sulfates) in shampoo puts your hair and scalp in an endless cycle of stripping and artificially remoisturizing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils which causes the scalp to produce me causing "oiliness" and "dandruff". This leads you to wash your hair more often to get rid of the oil produced by your scalp's reaction to the shampoo which thereby starts an endless vicious cycle.

I definitely see how simple and true this is for some people but my scalp takes a long time to become oily and I only shampoo 2-3 times max weekly. In addition to that I use products: leave in conditioner during winter, fortifying spray and heat protectants for when I heat style my hair. This causes gradual build up which I'm not sure would be washed away if I tried to wash with a mild conditioner. Further more, I actually enjoy the shampoo and conditioning process, weird I know right?

Still, the notion of no-poo and co-washing intrigues me, and since I'm on break for the next month, I believe I might try this out.

Nail Polish Galore

Despite being uber busy and never having time to repair nail boo-boos, I've been in a nail polish kick for the last month or so. I discovered several loves since then: neutral tones, sparkly top coats, and super glitter polishes =)

One of my faves that is limited edition (and sold out already at my Sephora) is Worth My Weight (Sephora by OPI) the texture and uber gold bling glitter is almost gritty on your nails which is oddly appealing to me.

On the flip side, I've also become deeply appreciative of neutrals lately to balance out the color and bling. That's why when I was in ulta I took advantage of their buy 2 get one free promotion by picking up a beige nail polish called "Endless Possibilities" while getting another top coat and pressed powder.

DUDE. You would never guess how AWESOME this nail polish is. It's truly understated loveliness. It's a creamy pink beige with just a subtlest hint of fine gold shimmer. It definitely takes two nice thin coats to get a full coverage but it's soo pretty once you have it! I wore it for two days plain before deciding to spice it up with a sparkly top coat from my latest haul!

I was browsing the Rite Aid a few blocks from my house when I saw clearance stickers out the waazoo and Cover Girl's Boundless Color nail polish were all on 75% clearance which put each nail polish at a WHOMPING 97 cents!

I bought three sparkling top coats in City Lights, Ruby Dust, and Crystal Mist, Midnight Magic, a black with fine blue shimmer, and three creams in Candy Corn, Coral Rose, and Red Revolution.

I decided to top Endless Possibilities with Ruby Dust instead of my usual clear topcoat pick-me-up.

Unfortunately, I've yet to master taking pictures of my me though, the pink tone of the ruby dust goes nicely with the pink undertones of Endless Possibilities.

Pic of last week's stab at holiday-y nails: