Friday, June 19, 2009

Hung out with a few friends todayyyy

One of whom, I hadn't seen in over four months cuz she was in korea!!! Can you believe it? I asked her if she checked out the makeup and as typical she said she was more interested in the clothes...>.>

Oh I also hung out with another friend and she let me do her makeup! =) Just a darker purple smokey eye with some nude lips and a plummy/pink blush. It was good practice though since she has a crease and I had to figure out how to work with them.

I did green today cuz it FINALLY felt like summer (unofficially) after so many days of gray skies and rain rain rain!

Pardon the weird pose I was trying to show off the corners =/

I also did my nails in a white pearl friend with some simple embellishments. :)

Last thing! Here's a dark blue smokey eye with pale lip I did a couple days ago. I REAALLY liked out it turned out =)

and POSE! ^_^

Night time now!

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