Saturday, March 14, 2009

Purple Smokey Look with New CS Palette =)

I used the fourth column from the right. The first pink & second pink, first purple and second to last color, in the far left column I used the fourth color from the top. The navy blue was used as eyeliner with an eye pencil base and used Naked Pigment as my highlight.

So Bad News: After this palette I'm on a strict NO-BUY! for anything that's not ABSOLUTELY essential (like foundation or concealer!) that means using up what I already have before buying anything new and no more new eyeshadows and such =(

Good News! My bff and I handed in apps for this AWESOME apartment today! HELLOO APARTMENT! GOOD BYE DORMS!

More bad news: I hit pan on my revlon colorstay pressed powder today! =( But that being an essential I can replace it. However, I still have to look for bogo's and coupons being that rent for apartment and utilities are tres expensive!

More later!

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